A.D Óir Collection

A.D Óir is the latest collection by Kinn Óir inspired by Ireland’s Golden Age when Ireland spanned three centuries with art, literature and calligraphy. It was a time when Ireland shone in terms of craftsmanship producing some of the most intricate works of filagree and gold adornments. It marked the birth of a new level of sophistication

This is Kinn Óir’s most luxurious and elaborate collection to date using only the finest materials with gold at the core of every piece. Each piece in the collection has been finished to the highest possible standard with freshwater pearls, handmade porcelain flowers, silk, gold leaf and natural materials. Taking inspriation from this period in history with the beauty of nature in Ireland, this collection of regal crowns, tiaras, hairvines and a hand-painted gold veil will awaken the senses.

Adorn yourself with gold…

A.D Óir

by Kinn Óir

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