About Kinn Óir

Michelle Reynolds-Di Salvo is the designer and creator who, from a young age watched her mum sew , create dresses and embroider ,as well as specialise in Carrickmacross lace. Encouraged by growng up in this environment, Michelle persued her natural talent for design in different fields, but it was when she was planning her own wedding that Michelle turned her skills to creating modern heirlooms.

“Kinn Óir was brought to life when I was looking for a headpiece for my own wedding day and it was on this quest, I realised how hard it was to find something completely unique and handmade to keep forever. I decided to create my own piece with the highest quality materials I could find and loved every second of making and designing it.”

The inspiration behind the brand was the name Kinn (Chinn) the Irish for head and Óir meaning golden from the well-known legend of Niamh Chinn Óir and Óisin who fell in love in Ireland and returned on her magical horse to the land of Eternal youth under the sea, where they never grew old.

The philosophy is that your wedding day is eternal as it immortalised forever in your treasured wedding photos, keepsakes and will be a day you return to and re-live for years to come.

“I consider it both an honour and privilege to create beautiful pieces that form part of your special day and to be enjoyed in photos, kept as treasured heirlooms for years to come.”

Michelle x

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